Activities near the house

activities around the house

The House Erni has 2 Bikes ( for more Bike to Rent you find options at the Market street). Bike tours to beaches and along the beach are a nice way to see different beaches along thid coastline There is a beautiful bike path along the beach for e.g the beach path to the north (6). If you need to rent a car during your stay please contact me to arrange you a car at a good price up front.nach oben  


area map

0.Road to the Beaches
1.Comes from the motorway izmir - canakkale
2.Parallel coast road to dikili
3.Way to the ernis house
4.Leads to the supermarket tansas
5.Market street with market and shops, restaurants 6.Leads to beach in the north
The Map you see above gives you an idea about the area that surrounds your holiday house. The red dot shows Ernis House. The colored dots on the map in Blue shows where the next beach Cafes are. The green dots shows shopping facilities like Corner shops. Markets Supermarkets, Restaurants, and other sales and service places. Under D next to the left top green dot you find Tansas (Partner of Migros) the biggest supermarket in the area, which offers a bakery, butcher, grocery & fish shop inside. There are also two discount markets on market street (BIM & SOK). In the kitchen you find a magnet sticker on the fridge with the phone information of the Water Delivery Company Pinar. For questions that comes across during your holiday you have a call back with the phone that you will get along with the house keys to reach me in case you need help.nach oben  

Emergency Contacts:

know what!

Important Numbers Police 155
Jandarms 156
Ambulance 112
Fire fighters 110

Monday : Bergama
Tuesday: Dikili
Wednesday: Altınova
Thursday : Ayvalık
( It is a good occasion to buy some olive oil)
The Distances from Ernis house to :
Airport : 128 km about * 2 hrsbr> Dikili : 15 km about * 30 mins Altinova: 18 km * 30 mins
Ayvalık: 32 km * 45 mins
Troy: 185 km * 2.5 hrs
Assos: 140km * 2 hrs
Pergamon: 39 km * 50 mins nach oben